Henry Castillo

Recently a young lady asked me “What haven’t you done?” Hey, I’m the stick and God is the artist. Jesus can paint a masterpiece with a stick! Not all the credit is mine. It’s all true that my wife of over 30 years has been my support and best friend through all types of challenges. She has encouraged me and survived all my crazy ideas. After 30 years in pastoral ministry and so many of those years as a bi-vocational pastor; working, managing or owning a variety of different types of business and jobs, I’ve done a few things while on the journey.

A few years ago I graduated from Carrington College and today I am the General Manager of Cornerstone Wellness Center. Before I graduated from Carrington College I worked as an independent financial agent at New York Life, Federal Financial Group and Cornerstone Financial Services. Before working in the financial services industry, I partnered with and owned a variety of businesses including restaurants, real estate, residential painting and remodeling, business development, muscle therapy and fitness training companies. Since 2002 I have been working with entrepreneurs and business owners by helping them develop their plans, and expand their businesses.

When I graduated from High School, I had a few choices; go to college, join the military or get a job. So, I started my own business; I bought a gas station. Since then I have owned and managed many businesses. This experience has given me a unique perspective on issues surrounding business owners and employees. My motto is, “Run your business, don’t let your business run you.” And more importantly, “People Matter”.
Being a part of BLi has provided a new opportunity to merge both ministry and business. I have developed a deep desire to work with what I call “Displaced Pastors”. People with a passion for ministry but have left the pastor role for whatever reasons or always wanted to be ministers but the local church did not recognize the call in their lives. In some cases, they were on the path to obtain a minster’s license and never completed for whatever reasons. And then, there are those already doing the minister’s work but never obtained licensing or training.

The courses BLi will offer these individuals are to develop what I call “Field Pastors”. These are ministers inside or outside of the traditional local church. Those who are working beyond the walls of the institution and journey every day into the highways and byways…for the Fields are white unto harvest, but the laborers are few.

Along the journey, I have also served on a number of advisory councils, committees and boards providing valuable input and participation to include: City of Mesa Ad-Hoc Committee and Interview Panel for the Mesa Police Department, Mesa Association of Hispanic Citizens governing board, Latino Town Hall, Promise Keeper’s Host Committees and Festival of Faith speaker and event planning team for 38,000 in attendance. For over 3 years, I led volunteers to complete a hurricane safe, full service church facility as well as personally transport supplies for a food bank in the city of Santa Clara in Sonora, Mexico.
I love to help people succeed and discover their potential.

My passion is living a fitness lifestyle, cross- training and participating in obstacle course racing events such as Spartan Race. Getting-away from it all, is hike-fishing the creeks in Payson, Arizona.


Instagram:  thespartan58

Henry Castillo

Breathing Life International, Vice-President