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Camps have the ability to reach people unlike any other program. If you’ve ever been involved in any type of camping ministry you probably have some very fond memories or stories to tell. Camps are a great way for people to connect with each other and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation away from the hustle and commitment of everyday life. Camps often have a story to tell but the most important thing is the story being written for each person who participates. Camps are a great place for people to meet Jesus and for those who are followers to grow in their walk with Him.

At Breathing Life International we want to provide a camping environment where lives can be changed through the development and power of lasting relationships; a fresh look that focuses on the investment into the lives of one another. This investment is often called discipleship. Camps are one of the best discipleship tools available to churches and faith-based ministries.

So how can we create an environment that focuses on the building of relationships and ultimately disciples? Simple: Engage campers intentionally, purposefully and directly leading by example. Encourage campers to live out specific commitments or decisions that they have made at camp and equip them to continue in their walk with Jesus!

Join Breathing Life International at Christopher Creek, AZ on April 22nd-24th for Holy Spirit and the New Breed Man: Part 2


Reserve your spot today.  We have 60 spots available total and they go quickly.

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