Titus House Men

Titus House Mentoring

Titus House is a non-profit organization dedicated

to helping underserved men with

a community of love, support and shelter as they rebuild their lives. Titus House aims to provide men with a supportive low cost Christian community where they can grow, obtain a career, live the truth of God’s word and achieve a successful transition back into society as productive citizens and builders of His Kingdom.

The Titus House Mentoring Ministry

is designed for the purpose of cultivating holistic relationships between the residents of Titus House and Christian men who desire to follow the word of God and serve others. Breathing Life International has partnered with Titus House to develop these mentoring relationships. 

Each resident is assigned a mentor to engage with on a one-on-one basis. The confidentiality of this relationship is of utmost importance and we ask our mentors to keep all personal conversation between them and their mentees, with certain exceptions such as safety or health. The idea is to build lifelong, God-centered relationships, where the men in Titus House can reach out to their mentor for advice, guidance and support. This ministry is volunteer based and always in need of mentors.

Should you have a desire to find out more or volunteer, please reach out to Tom Macqueen,


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